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Southfield Garden Fete – 3 August 19

Southfield House Care Home Summer Fete – 3 August 19 Last Saturday, our intrepid bunch of 15 Ukers gathered to help boost Southfield House Care home’s Summer Fair by performing “wallpaper” entertainment for the attendees and residents. Tatty old plastic chairs (with arms) were set out on the hot patio for us so we duly set … Read moreSouthfield Garden Fete – 3 August 19

Holbeach Hospital Fete – 30 June 19

The (UOoS)School Orchestra annual trip to Holbeach Hospital (Fete). With permission slips signed, bags packed, instruments tuned and ears washed behind, the School Orchestra boarded the rickety bus to the annual Holbeach Hospital fete. Everyone was on a high following the inter-school music competition the night before, where in the sweltering heat (remarkably nobody fainted) … Read moreHolbeach Hospital Fete – 30 June 19

Heckington Singers – Summer Serenade Concert – 29 June 19

We certainly are getting about. Another very successful concert in a large packed village hall. I actually find it difficult to remember a concert that was not successful…. Which is an excellent indicator as to how very good we are at performing. A great mixture of songs. Brilliant singing. Beautiful cello on “The Rose” and … Read moreHeckington Singers – Summer Serenade Concert – 29 June 19

Birthday Party Holbeach Road – 25 June 19

A dozen Ukers descended on this well-concealed and uniquely laid-out bungalow. Although having a quite accurate description of the location I still managed to drive past twice without spotting the narrow gap in the high hedge which was the entrance, only finally spotting Heather waiting anxiously out on the pavement for those missing.  On close … Read moreBirthday Party Holbeach Road – 25 June 19

Crowland Methodist Church – 8 June 2019

Tonight, the Fred Compton Orchestra was accompanied by the Fred Compton Quartet and the Fred Compton Karaoke Kids.  The appreciative audience was made up of, amongst others, the Fred Compton Cookie Girls and the Fred Compton Quiz Club who sadly, didn’t get any of the lyrics right.  They left early to go up the street … Read moreCrowland Methodist Church – 8 June 2019